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Are you a school?

If you are a school, especially if your students come from disadvantageous situation, you will certainly need help, because there’s plenty of things to do and it is impossible for teachers to take care of it all. For example, there could be need for people that read to children, or that help them learn Italian, or maths. You might also need help reorganising the school’s library, or afternoon activities, or maybe a school trip. A Kaumatua could be the right person to help you!

How do I get the help of a Kaumatua?

You only have to do three things, as outlined by the three buttons below.

First: register as a user of this website by clicking on the “Register” button below. You will immediately receive a confirmation email that will let you choose a password by following the instructions. The email you give is the one we will use to send you messages and Kaumatua candidatures.

Second: register your school (the name, last name and email that you insert will have to coincide
with those of the user that was just registered) and give us some more information by filling in the form. To do that, click on the second button.

Third: send us the details of the projects for which you would need a Kaumatua! Click on the third button to do this. When your request is approved, we will make it visible to everybody and send it to the most suitable Kaumatuas. A meeting will then be scheduled so you can decide on how to proceed together with them.

Remember that you can send us as many projects as you want!

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