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If you are a young person, you might feel the need to share thoughts with mature adults who are not your parents or relatives. For example, you might want to get advice on what to study and where, on which professions are in demand on the market and how to prepare for it, on how to conduct yourself in a job interview or on how to write a CV. You might want someone with whom you can analyze your professional choices, or it could be helpful to have a mature adult to support you in writing a business plan, or launching a start-up. On this website, you can get in touch with a lot of Kaumatuas. And if you don’t know how Kaumatuas can help young people, click on the button below to find out. To find a Kaumatua, there’s only two things you need to do. First, register as a user of this website by clicking on the “Register” button below. You will immediately receive a confirmation email that will allow you to choose a password by following the instructions. Then, fill in the form below explaining what you need (you must be at least 18 years old). When your request is approved, we will make it visible to everybody and send it to the most suitable Kaumatuas

What a Kaumatua can do for me?

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