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Are you a company?

If you’re a socially conscious company, and you believe in intergenerational collaboration, there’s two things you can do.

The first one is to start speaking to those employees who are nearing retirement (even 3 or 4 years before they do) about the role they can have after they’re outside the job market, through the younger generations, volunteering and pro-bono work. You can point them to our website or we can come to you to speak about how we work.

The second thing you can do is support intergenerational collaboration in your organisation. We can help you here too, by directing the more mature members of your team to activities supporting the youth, both within and outside your organisation and guiding the youngsters to appreciate the experience.

If you want to discover how to bring out the Kaumatua in your mature employees, email us at info@kaumatua.org