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Kaumatua is an endeavour launched by MilanoAltruista, the first volunteer organisation to bring flexible volunteering to Milan. We are currently “incubated” by MilanoAltruista and helped by their assiduous staff and by a newly-instituted group of volunteers (Angelo, Cristina…) under the leadership of Odile Robotti (president of MilanoAltruista). We cannot wait to leave our nest (after completing a few more steps) and become an autonomous non-profit organization. We will keep you posted as it develops! Kaumatua was officially launched on November 29, 2018, when the pilot phase came to an end and our operations began. Read what’s been said about us in the press review section.

“A world that views experienced adults as an invaluable human resource for improving our communities. To create this future:
-The Network connects leaders for learning, action and impact, and provides resources to expand and enhance members’ work.
-Our members engage adults 50+ through proven practices and innovation.
-Together, we transform stereotyped view of aging throughout the US and globally.”

The Encore Network has grown from an ad hoc group of early-stage innovators to a significant force in the encore movement. Launched in 2011, its development has been supported by Encore.org and the deep experience and commitment of Network members.

From 2014 to 2016, the Network expanded across the U.S. and globally
In 2017, the Network’s development includes a new membership program with enhanced benefits and opportunities for participants. Encore.org continues to sponsor the Encore Network as a key element of its movement-building mission.