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The new ageing and age liquid

As a matter of fact, the age has lost much of its predictive and prescriptive value, which means it serves less to predict or dictate standards of behavior. A sixty-year-old today can live as a forty-year-old or seventy-year-old, and also, depending on the moment, as both. Each of us has many identities (professional, parental, linked to interests, passions, and hobbies), and it can happen to “have different ages” depending on the identity that we live in that moment (work, family, friends, interests…). Since the age was liquified, it literally gives you “the numbers”. But at least it gives no more orders, and each of us is more free to live his or her life as he or she prefers. The new aging is a new way to age with a different meaning from the one it once had. In the new aging there are in fact many more possibilities.